What’s Your Place In Line!

A few weeks ago I lost my driver’s license.  I gathered my documents and made my way to the DMV.  I have visited the DMV enough times to know there will be a wait.  Therefore, I prepared for the long line and wait by stopping for coffee and packed a baggie of fruit.  When I arrived at the DMV office I noticed the line extending outside and was glad for at least my preparation. The worker came outside and gave us clip boards and the respective form we needed to complete.  I thought to myslef this is a good idea to keep the flow of the line moving once we make it to the front of the line.  Unfortunately, two hours later I walked out of the office without a replacement driver’s license.  I thought I assembled all the necessary documents, but I had not considered one thing.  My legal name is different than what is on my birth certificate.  As a result, I was told to come back with supporting documents to prove my name change.


I share this story to speak on preparation, standing in line and how that builds character.  Over the past at least ten years I get more intentional with my days ahead.  As a result, I write things out more.  I understand the importance of writing it out and attaching a date or clear plan.  There are times when we will prepare and plan, but still may face some adversity or challenges.  You don’t get out of line and allow those challenges to prevent you from your rightful position.  Life will have its share of ups and downs.  If I didn’t get back in line after retrieving the other document they requested I wouldn’t have got my replacement driver’s license.  I use this as an analogy for a reason.  This actually relates to your life.  If you make it to the front of the line or near the front of the line and have a setback don’t give up.  You do what you need to do to be more prepared next time, enlist the help of others, gain a new mentor or coach and humble yourself.  We don’t know it all and we can learn from others.  When I stood in line at the DMV the first time I met the person in line in front of me and the person behind me.  When I returned the second time I met the person in front of me and behind me.  The moral of this story is to encourage you to continue to plan, prepare, stand in line, take your position and get to know the people along the way.  Do not allow your position in line to deter you and at least get in line.  You may have moments where you are in the front of the line and guiding and directing others.  Other times you are in the middle gaining knowledge, meeting new people and increasing your endurance.  If you are in the back that is not a negative thing at all.  You get to meet all the people in the middle and front of the line.  Use that position wisely.  Align yourself vibrationally with the right people who will support, nurture, empower and expand your knowledge.  You are more than your position in line!


Take what you’ve learned about each position you find yourself in and learn as much as you can about yourself and others.  You have a place in this world.  Stop getting in line without a vision, a plan or road map.  When you do this you create chaos, disorganization and frustration. Create a plan and if it doesn’t go as planned be willing to adjust, pivot and rework your plan.  Giving up and stepping out of line completely will cause you to resent others, be disappointed and can lead to depression.  You have sat in the seat watching the line move and you haven’t even got up to take your place in line.  You may move in and out of the line and you may even have different places in line, however, this should not deter you from seeking your rightful place.


You may not have the DMV woes I’ve had in the past couple of weeks, but you may have had the woes of life staying in the back of the line and letting others jump you or just sitting there watching the line move.  I challenge you to take your place in line and keep getting in line so that you can make your mark.


In closing, I must share with you that after all that I found my old license.  This is actually funny because I still had my Missouri license and needed to get my Texas license anyway.  I found it just two days after applying for my Texas license the second time.  Funny, but a reminder that I needed to take care of that and stop putting it off.  Often times, we put things off that we need to take care of.  Sometimes we put off taking care of us and taking care of the important things that we need to due to “time constraints.”  Remember, as you go through your days, weeks and last quarter of 2017 to take the time to have self-care moments.


Have an amazing October and weekend!  Feel free to share this with others and be sure to visit my website and pick up a bundle of my “Healing Poetic Expression Series” books of poetry or book me to come speak at your event.  I look forward to connecting with you.

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