I’m a Best-Selling Author?

I can assure you of one thing.  I NEVER saw myself becoming a best selling author.  In fact, I never saw myself becoming an author at all.  The remembrance of the low self-esteem, hurt and angry Olive Oil looking girl never thought she would be who she has become and still becoming.  In fact, she never saw most of what she has accomplished in her adult life as plausible.  I’ve always been creative, however, I did not see what has come to be for me in my life.  I knew at a young age that I was definitely going to try my hardest and do my very best.  At various points in my life I felt like giving up would be the better option.  It was difficult to see past the pain, loss, disappointment and obstacles until I made a decision to change my mindset.  It wasn’t as easy as it sounds though.  It was a process of applying some things I learned as a result of this change.  For instance, I sought therapy and was provided some techniques to work through the emotions and feelings that I felt myself being ambushed with consistently.  I started practicing meditation and this helped me to quiet myself and this helped with mindset training.  You’ve heard the phrase “if you want something different you have to do different things.”  It was very true for me and I am a living witness to this.  I started envisioning myself being in certain positions and achieving certain goals and watched things happen for me.  The ability to manifest what I desired was key to my recent accomplishments.  We can live a fulfilled, happy and abundant life when we make that shift with our mindset.  If you are consistent with something think about how you got that way.  It is because you changed your mindset.  I know some people who are diligent about going to the gym just like I know some people who are diligent about partying consistently.  It is based on their mindset.  Rather than tell you how you have been doing it wrong I want to point out some things you can begin doing because I once didn’t have this consistency.  If you start to make small shifts daily you will ultimately be on a new course.  What burning desires do you have?  What do you want really bad, but you have lied to yourself and said you can’t have?  Everything isn’t for everybody and I realize this.  I just want to empower you to assess your gifts, the value you add, the talents you possess and how you can touch the lives of others.  One main thing I will point out is I wasn’t able to do this alone.  I have had multiple people that have been part of the team and some people have been here the entire time, while others have come and gone and new team members have been added.  Add valuable team members and be a valued team member to the core people.

One week ago I learned that I became a best selling author.  This weekend is the book release and next week on my birthday I will be releasing my third solo book of poetry as part of “the healing poetic expression series” and I am extremely amazed at myself.  Your support is appreciated, valued and important to me.  If you would like to support either I have attached flyers for both and the link to purchase any of the products you may be interested in.

If you want a copy of #BossMoms (best seller) that book is $24.99 plus $5.00 shipping.

If you want a copy of the latest book “The Constant Road to Healing” that book is $15.99.  Today is the last day for presale so you can grab it for $11 TODAY ONLY.

If you want the bundle (all of my books of poetry) that is $50.  If you want to order bulk order contact me directly.

If you want a bundle of all the books I’ve authored and co-authored it is $85.

My cash app name is $30KK or you can paypal me at paypal.me/keyamcclain

Bare with me as my website is under construction so my latest items have not been added to the site.  I hope you can attend at least one of my events and look forward to your support.

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