About Keya

As a poet, storyteller and spoken word artist I have found great refuge in not only writing, but with sharing it with the world.

Hi! I'm Keya McClain.

Keya McClain Founded a non-profit organization, Empower2Be from 2015-2022. The organization was founded to empower, uplift and encourage women.

She is a poet, author and speaker moved to inspire and empower people to pursue and live their dreams as she shares her personal stories with honesty and transparency through storytelling and poetry.

She has Spoken at Community Colleges in St. Louis, Missouri and Dallas, Texas as well as women empowerment events, corporate events and private events. Her energetic, witty and poetic delivery captivates audiences and leaves them feeling empowered and ready to take action. Keya is a resident of Dallas, Texas traveling to multiple cities to deliver her captivating messages and poetry to the masses.

She has published a collective series of poetry entitled “The Healing Poetic Expression Series:” My Words Healed My Soul, The Depths of My Soul Healed Through Love & Empowerment and The Constant Road to Healing. She is co-author to two other books, “Beauty of Color: A Poetry and Prose Collection” a collective written by poets from around the world and #BossMoms (best seller) with nine other female authors. She is the visionary author of “Healinaire” with two co-authors and self-published Cigar Chronicles I & II.

Her dynamic, powerful and energetic delivery will surely mesmerize any audience and catapult them into action. Allow Keya to be the storyteller, writer and poetic speaker you need to impact your audience or group.

Keya’s Approach

Keya has developed several courses, workshops and has services for any client from VIP to hourly consultation to help spoken word artists and poets publish their work. Although her niche is poets, she has also successfully helped other genre of writers complete their books and become self-published.

Keya’s Story

Keya began a career in the legal field as a data entry clerk and eventually paralegal. She obtained her Associates in Applied Science for Paralegal Studies and Paralegal Certificate, Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies and Master of Arts in Legal Analysis. She has used many of the skills and experience gained in her professional career to aid her in the coaching and speaking business.

She relies heavily on her analytical and critical thinking skills to help her clients make good business decisions for themselves in their business as authors and even potential speakers/coaches themselves.

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