My name is Keya McClain and I am a transformational coach and I work with individuals ready to move in their God given talents to live out their purpose.

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“Keya, you are awesome and beautiful.  I’m honored that you are in my life and grateful our paths have crossed.  I am being strengthened in this quest and journey of my life and wouldn’t have it any other way.”  -Belle Be 7/12/2015

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  • "Have you ever gotten to the point in your life where you feel kind of complacent, like you just know you're not where you are supposed to be or doing what you're supposed to be doing?  That is the point where I found myself when I reached out to Keya.  I spoke with her over the phone and she sent me some questions via email to get started.  I picked three areas in my life that I wanted to change.  I wrote them down.  We met, went over these 3 goals she helped me break them down completely so that I would be victorious with each one.  There were some tough areas that I was working on and she helped me see them for what they are and showed me exactly how to keep moving forward.  All along encouraging me, praying for me and standing strong.  Within days my goals started taking shape and I was seeing results. One of my goals that I will share is I wanted to advance in my career.  We worked on the steps I needed to take to be successful.  When I tell you once I did that, God paved the way for me, opened the door of opportunity and I was able to walk in.  My new employment salary increased $8,00 more per year with the potential of $12,000 more within the first year. Keya was the vessel it took for me to set my goals together and on the way.  I could go on and on but wanted to share how much Keya helped me.  We need a coach in so many areas, most of all in life.  I highly recommend her to my friends and family and now they too are on their way to fulfilling their life goals."
    Kindest, Melanie in St. Louis, MO
  • Before you speak, ask yourself, is it compatible, Is it necessary, is it worth it, does it improve on the lifestyle? I've asked these questions over and over again when it was time for me to Transition to my new journey of the most evovled, intense mode of individualism of self growth. I was ready to measure how far I was willing to manifest in my journey. I asked myself was I ready to guard the good deposits that I entrusted into myself with the help of the Holy Spirit who lives in me ~ Timothy 1:14 Once I said I DO to myself, I made the commitment to become Greater than the moment I'm living in - Kevin Shine
    I took the opportunity to restructure my life with my soon to be Life Coach Keya McClain in Feb 2016. She has shown me the power of my existence. The continuous power of my presence that exudes with every person I had and would engage. Immediately after that I stepped out of my comfort zone after our first few sessions together of Evaluations, Consultations and Life/ Goal Assessments tasks. I auditioned for a play for the second time with the same screen writer within 8 years apart. I wanted to finally start conquering my many fears of life and auditioning for a play was one fear I needed to overcome. This fear manifested due to the writer telling me during our first encounter of me auditioning for one of her plays doing a cold reading that I should consider getting acting classes. That experience was the first time I became discouraged. After working with Keya Life Coaching I eventually walked into my truth, and I stepped out on faith. On Feb 12th, 2016 I starred in my first sold out play as the leading lady "Sandra Walker" in the play "Still", which also was debuted again in St. Louis by popular demand in Aug 2016 with "SWRD Productions". With the same writer I auditioned for 8 years ago. I never paid for acting class in my life, I just started believing in myself. Since then I have been on numerous Media/Magazine interviews about the play with the cast & play writer. After that I was determined not to stop there. I inquired about doing a book novel trailer and for the role/ Voice over for the book "Goddess Particles", and landed the voice over/character role. I continued to step out on faith and auditioned for a TV Show "The Sinister Truth" and landed my first role as the sexy Bailiff and have been on over 10 episodes and 2 seasons thus far playing numerous character roles with "Crossing Jordan Entertainment." God then blessed me to becasted in the sold out monologue play "Respeck My shoes" as the desperate diva "Tiffany" with "Phoenix Rising Production", after the writer seen me play "Sandra Walker". This play  also debuted in St. Louis by popular demand and now is on tour to different cities.  Jan 2017 I was casted in a Short film "The Pimp That Stole Christmas" as "Shake" with "Crossing Jordan Entertainment". Oct 2016 I became the St. Louis Natural Hair & Black Culture Expo natural hair segment host for the celebrity Hairstylist April B and the Entertainment Stage Coordinator with CEO/Owner of NHBCE Chris Simpson of Raw Blend Customs. Oct 2016  High traffic Art exhibit event with two other phenomenal talented Artist from St. Louis...  my coaching with Keya has engraved in my mind to endlessly create myself, my lane and my journey daily.  Being held accountable for your strength, power, greatness and your life manifestations is priceless.  Keya's Life Coaching sessions gave me the spiritual spark to that journey of changing my way of thinking so that I can live better.  So don't hesitate any longer on having someone help guide you through your clouded journey called life. You no longer have to be stuck, lost, confused or doubtful about your life, your career and your decisions because you will have faced them all head on with God Leading Keya along side of you through your life adversities. I'm so blessed and grateful I did! Good luck on your life coach journey with Keyas Coaching!!
    Belle Be
  • Keya Mcclain is an amazing coach. She helped me through some struggles as I wrote my first book which is now published entitled "Men Don't Always Lie, Sometimes Women Just Don't Listen" in August 2016. I needed someone to push me and someone that would hold me accountable. Keya was real, tough but passionate about ensuring I pursued my passions vigorously. When it came to life challenges and I wanted to quit she would not allow it. She pushed, motivated and encouraged me to keep going. I would recommend Keya to anyone that needs that extra push and encouragement as they do it.

    Nicole Kelly

Why do we invest in everything else and everybody else? When it comes to investing in ourselves we won’t do it unless it is materialistic in nature. There is usually a zero return on material things. However, if you invest in self, there are a number of benefits that you will reap. In fact, not only will you, but those you love and those you are intended to impact. Yes, I said impact because we are all intended to connect and inspire others as well.
–  Keya McClain

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Allowing negative chatter on a daily basis will diminish your chance to live a happy and joyous life.  It will place you in the quick sand of despair, dissatisfaction and regret.  You will become complacent and angry with yourself and others because of it.  It will create insecurities and doubt to resonate within yourself.  This leads to difficulty in overcoming obstacles and setbacks and will undoubtedly make you a stagnant and unhappy person.  If you aren’t moving along, this can be detrimental to your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health.  Do not fall into despair when you can live the life intended for you.


One way the world operates is through connections. There is something amazing about you that you need to share with the world. While you are sitting back wondering what you have to offer to the world the world is missing out. It is time to discover how the world can benefit from the gifts you hold inside and how you can live a happier more fulfilled life when you discover this.


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