Keya McClain

A personal and accountability mentor will help facilitate real long term change.  You can share all of your dreams and desires with your personal mentor and be assisted with a guide and strategic plan to create traction and long term results.  You can have one on one coaching/mentoring that will have lasting results.


Mentoring package includes one on one mentoring and coaching with a purpose.  The personal mentoring allows us to really become strategic with the goals and maintain consistency.  The one on one coaching is much more effective and purposeful.


Group Mentoring/Coaching includes groups that can range from 2 to 40. You can certainly have more in a group mentoring/coaching session, but I do not recommend it.  With the larger groups we do exercises together, but the smaller the group the more intimate and involved you are with the coach.


Video Mentoring/Coaching includes online video conference time with me and occasionally other coaches.  You will get 1-2 hours of time with your coach in video conference format and there is no limit to how many people can register for this type of package.


Reine Bayoc

Reine Bayoc is a maker of delicious things… plant-based food and desserts are just two of the many. She was born in McKenzie, Tennessee, and grew up in Los Angeles and St. Louis with three brothers, her father, and her mother.

After studying abroad in Lyon, France, where Reine solidified her love of desserts, she graduated from Saint Louis University with degrees in English Literature and French.

After working a few cubicle jobs—while coming home to bake whatever her heart desired, Reine decided to take a shot at the dream of owning and operating a small bakeshop. In December 2008, she opened SweetArt Bakeshop and Art Studio with her husband, Cbabi Bayoc.


SweetArt is open and thriving, and Reine is currently implementing big plans for its bright future. Along with operating the bakeshop, Reine is the founder and creator of the Love and Magic Kitchen, a blog where she shares recipes, stories, and inspires all the culinary-timid to trust their intuitive internal cooks.


Reine also travels the world cooking for special events and educating people on the process of intuitive cooking.  Visit the website at www.sweetartstl.com


Candice E. Cox, LCSW

Since 2008, I have provided licensed counseling and consulting services to children and families in office, school, and in home settings. In 2012, I started my private practice, A&A Inspirations providing psychotherapy services for children and families individually and in group settings. I have both my bachelors and masters in social work and I am licensed as a Clinical Social Worker in Missouri.


In 2014 I started implementing my Organized KHAOS (Kids Healing and Overcoming Struggles) program in schools and community centers to address the lack of social and emotional coping skills taught both in the home and educational environments. I have a full curriculum with a student workbook and journal to assist kids with processing through their barriers during and after each session. I have had great progress and will be expanding my program in 2015.


I firmly believe in helping people, especially children and families, utilize and enhance their personal and relationship strengths. I utilize innovative and experiential treatment modalities to change the focus from being labels to living beyond labels. Conflicts, communication, and parenting struggles can feel overwhelming and without help can lead to serious mental health issues.


Life happens but it doesn’t have to stop. My goal with every person that I encounter is to help them help themselves as they are the experts of their lives. For these reasons, I love to be a catalyst in the lives of others to propel them forward.

Please visit the site www.aainspirations.com

My Life Journey: I have had some very traumatic life experiences.  So many of us have, but how have you reacted to them and how do you feel now as a result of allowing bad experiences drown you, debilitate you or suffocate you.  In my life, there are things that have happened that truly knocked the wind out of me.  The wonderful news is that a new breath was given and pressure was applied to my chest cavity and created a new me.  I have dealt with heartbreak, financial difficulties, grief, pain, loneliness, betrayal and discouraging times.  It is unavoidable to have difficult moments in life.  However, you can create the life you want more than you know. My journey has been full of ups and downs and I’m sure yours has.  Don’t let your journey end in suffering and pain .

I learned how important it was that I not cheat the Creator who gave me my gift, the people who expect to benefit from my gift and myself for trusting myself enough.

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